Can I have 2016 and 2017 on two computers?


I’ve had 2016 and 2017 running on two laptops for some time.
Retiring the oldest and transferring licenses to new laptop.
2017 transferred just fine, 2016 gives me the “oops, authorization code not valid” message.
I’m copying from the original email with the code attached.
How can I fix?


when you pay for an upgrade it invalidates the old license…

but, as a concession for migrating, SU has always allowed us to keep the old one indefinitely on the licensed computer…

the network lics expire after only 30 days I believe…

when you change the location of the expired version, it is then truly expired…

I lost back to v5 recently when my hard drive completely died…



Thanks John,
Makes sense. I’ve had 16 and 17 on my work laptop since 17 came out.
Only had the problem since I uninstalled from an older laptop and tried to
license a new machine.
I can still keep 16 on my current computer, I do a lot of screen captures
and 17 just doesn’t look as good.


This has only been an issue since Trimble took over. When Google had it, I could have all versions working on my PC. This was good for when helping people who had older versions.
I’m thinking it’s all about greed.
I haven’t bothered updating anymore due to this BS.


You still can. What you can’t do (without help from the Sketchup team) is licence an extra copy to replace one lost on a former computer which either failed, or was wiped without removing the licence first, if I understand correctly.


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