Can I give any object a transparent layer around it, i.e. plastic wrap look?

I saw a plugin called Wrap-R but I can’t buy it. Not sure if this plugin is needed for what I want to do.

For instance, I have downloaded a model of a round cheese and want to give it a look as if it’s wrapped in plastic for selling. I have seen loaf of bread models in the Warehouse in its cover or is it the way the bread is textured?

Why don’t the models links work here? When I edit post I see models appearing on edit side.

Model names are Sandwich Bread & Bread_Toast & Bread Toast unopened

WrapR is for UV mapping of textures on models. That is a controlled and effective application of the texture–beyond what you can achieve usually with just SketchUp to get a consistently realistic appearance. I would consider it an advanced technique. It doesn’t have to do with simulating wrapping.

These look like examples of what you could do in SketchUp. Without rendering software you won’t make anything shiny and the transparency options are limited. In the examples above the shiny effect is part of the picture the texture was made of.


Thank you for your reply and explaining about WrapR.

Glad the pictures now appears above. Maybe there was yesterday some glitch after posting links with error message.

I usually use Bryce 7 for my scene renders. Maybe I should direct my question rather to the Bryce forum about plastic materials since this will be where the scene will be completed.

Any way of making it, especially in 2nd example as in my 1st post above? I am only now learning Sketchup.


It’s a matter of creating an organic form of more or less quality with a translucent texture. Eneroth Eroder plug-in may be helpful.