Can I get colourful tools in newer SketchUp?

I’ve started with older SketchUp 2017 and those colorfull tools are just right for my brain to find everything immediately. Then I tried new online SketchUp trial, and I was ddissapointed with total lack of colors, everything is greyed out, and tools buttons are smaller, without pop-up descriptions.
Ok, new design…but all being greyed out…that’s simmilar to the “new” anemic Win10 sterile design, which might have some mathematical advantages, but to human brain it is very unpleasant:

  • human eye distinguishes colored item much faster than only different shaped item
  • all greyed out makes it blend with surroundings, rendering it even harder to distinguish at first sight

Ok, I will adopt by time, but is there a way to make tools and buttons colorfull again?

Another approach can be to use the shortcuts, no need to search for the tool icons.

There’s no user control of that in the web based versions of SketchUp.

Cotty makes a good suggestion. If you use Keyboard shortcuts you don’t need to think about the toolbar buttons.

But not everyone is good at remembering shortcuts!
Colored icons are extremely important for me as I depends on mouse 95% of the time.

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