Can I create objects by typing in the measurements?


So yeah, I just wonderd if there is a way of creating an object by typing in the measurements. Or creating an object the standard way and then change the measurements by typing them in somewhere…

I wonder how to do that because its often pretty hard to get to the exact measurements by moving your mouse.


Yes, you can do so.
Don’t click in the ‘Measurements’ field, just type the desired value (plus units if different from current settings) and hit [Enter]. This will override the displayed value.

Also see the tool information down left on the status bar about the current tool. It tells you when you can type (and other usefull information).


And for a plugin example that uses inputboxes that you type in, see the SketchUp Team’s 3D Shapes extension:


Aidan Chopra explains how to enter dimensions via the keyboard


Thank you guys so much!