Can I change the color of a 3DSMAX import?


HI all, I have downloaded an Aeroplane. Am I able to change the base colour easily? It is currently Blue all over.

Day 1 beginner so please be gentle!




can you post a link to the model?

it may be ‘reversed’ faces showing as ‘blue’ and it’s surfaces are possibly inside a ‘group’ or ‘component’…

double click >> right click >> reverse faces >> right click >> orient faces , then use the ‘paint Tool’…



Sorry I had planes on the brain. Its a car.


Really appreciate the help John.


here’s a rough gif…

click until you have a single face selected, then all with same material…


WOW! Thanks! I’ll have a go.


John - thank you. I am beginning to understand how 3D models are made up now. One other problem I have is that the glass is not correct. How would I go about fixing this? (See attached)


Is the glass using a texture? You might try a simple transparent material with no texture. Another thing is the edges between the triangles that comprise the glass surfaces - if they are hidden instead of smoothed, they will look faceted.