Can Anyone Flatten this without a Crash?

I am trying to flatten this “O” insert, but it crashes right at the end.
I have had good luck with most of the other lettters. Problem with O.skp (392.8 KB)

Any help greatly appreciated!

hello, what do you mean by “flatten” ? what are you trying to get ?

Untitled-1.pdf (91.1 KB)
I need to route the returns on channel letters
Here is example of what I am working on

SU-17.skp (180.4 KB)

You Rock!!!
Thank you VERY MUCH. :smile:

Oh boy, i have another bugger that will not flatten without crashing.
Would anyone flatten this out.
V problem.skp (428.0 KB)

Don’t double post, someone will go to the trouble of flattening this for you wasting their time because it has already been done for you in another thread.

I understand