Can any gurus model 2 objects for me? Drone Legs

I just dont have the skills and experience that I see exhibited here to precisely model the some replacement drone legs.

I have tried and failed miserably. Its time to put this project in the hands of more capable designers than myself. I can ship the actual legs to your location so that exact measurements can be taken. Im in Northern Nevada so a location closer and within the Continental US would be preferred. :slight_smile: I know this will be a snap for some of you , but for me it has consumed hours …

Here is an image of one of the legs. ![45|669x499]

Your image and description need more detail to interest someone here.

Pictures from top, bottom, etc., and dimensions.

Is this leg complete or damaged, etc.

Here is a link to a DropBox folder with many images within it.

Here is an image with the basic dimensions

The leg is very slightly damaged along the upper edge where it rounds. A small piece cracked off.

You can see the missing piece in this picture

I tried to 3 D Scan the object which did not work too well.

The images are a start, but for something like that, which is a part that will need to fit tightly to another piece, you need some accurate dimensions. The shapes at the top, in particular, need a lot more dimensions provided.

Agreed. Thanks for the reply. Those exacting measurements can be taken of the item once the items are received by the person interested in helping out.

Are you suggesting I measure everything out and post those dimensions so one could model them remotely without the necessity of sending the parts to and fro?

I can help you. I sent you a private message.

Still interested in some assistance.

You need specific equipment to measure those parts in order to make an accurate enough model that can be printed.

You would have more luck either phoning up the manufacturer to see if they have plans or a direct replacement. I think it will be cheaper than shopping a part, paying somebody to measure and model it for you and then pay for printing.

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but things like this take a lot of time to get right if you are eyeballing them, usually multiple runs through the printer too.


These legs can be measured with standard digital calipers. I already have the parts that need to be modeled.
I own multiple 3 D printers so I have that covered as well.

Its not common for people to have those measuring tools, if you have some then you should measure it up and provide all those measurements in the brief rather than post the parts for somebody else to measure.

If you do it that way you can be happy that you have taken the correct measurements, you don’t have to worry that somebody else could do it wrong!

Have you searched in the 3D Warehouse, at Thingiverse, … , maybe this leg was modeled already?

I searched both Thingiverse and 3 D Warehouse and found a leg that is similar , but also has lots of details that are not present. I think its for the previous model drone and not the current one.