Can a planar mesh-generated face be made into a push-pullable face?

I’ve written a plugin to create mesh-based quarter-elliptical shapes.

Some of the meshes are planar, but won’t push-pull - “can’t push-pull face with softened edges” or similar error message. If I unsoften the edges, I can only select a single facet to push-pull. There are hundreds of facets, so I can’t do them manually.

Will Fredo’s Joint-Push-pull tool work on mesh-generated faces, whether planar, or rounded elliptical faces?

Or is there another way to create a single face in Ruby when it is planar? Just draw the edges, perhaps, then create face?


Entities#add_face( vertex_points )
Entities#add_face( edge_array )

Take note of the special case on the ground plane.

Thanks. They aren’t ever on the ground plane in this case - vertical or ~11° off vertical planes (slope of 0.2)

If you are looking to pushpull them all in the up direction as if to give the mesh thickness, you can copy the surface up and create the side walls