Can a LINE be Shortened?

________ . reduced to;

----- .

Yes. Move end.

Or select it, R-click Entity Info (if you don’t keep it open always, which I would recommend) then type a new length in the Entity Info box.

It’s ‘stuck’ to a Circ,le

You should have indicated that in your first post.

Move the circle, too.

Thank you! it’s 'stuck.

a LINE in SU can never be shortened, it’s infinitely long…

supply an image or skp showing an Edge that you wish to shorten…

if you want a stipple as shown in your first post, that is a different issue that you need to clarify, with words…

both may be possible…



Once again you’ve been a bit vague but :

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Not quite sure what you mean here by 'stuck

That the result has worked and stayed as you want it?

Or something else - perhaps, that the Entity Info box won’t accept input?

Try selecting the circle and making it a group. You should then be able to shorten the line. It should still be attached after you do that.

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