Camera Shots in Layout not the same

When creating simple storyboards, the camera shots that I set up in SketchUp end up as wider shots when imported into LayOut. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
I first select the camera: Tools> Advanced Camera Tools> Select Camera Type> Digital> Arri>Alexa Arriraw
Then I click on Create Camera, position the shot and focal length etc… then lock it.
Once sending to Layout, the shots look zoomed out (or perhaps focal length changed?). Thanks in advance for any advice.

Can you share the LayOut file so we can see your exact setup?

It’s too big of a file to share.

Upload to Drop Box and share the link.

Your screen shot shows you’ve overridden the Camera properties for the viewport in LayOut which basically indicates you don’t care what the camera properties are for the scene in SketchUp and don’t want to use them in LayOut. Reset the Camera properties and see what happens.

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I’ve tried Viewport ‘reset all’ and it doesn’t change anything. Thanks for responding!

My work computer doesn’t let me share with dropbox.

Here is a test following the same work flow.
test.layout (489.9 KB)

The set up shot in SketchUp should look like this:

I’ve played with ACT a few times in the past, and always dropped it in frustration. Just this past week I’ve taken another run at it only to get utterly frustrated again. The official help files aren’t working for me. Does anyone here have a real handle on Advanced Camera Tools?

I’m not on 2022 as yet. I’m still on 2020. I’m trying out the workflow (SU>LO) to see what results I get.

Maybe take screen shots of SketchUp and do story boarding in another app like Illustrator or something?

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Yes, I’ve been taking screen shots of the camera shots and placing them in LayOut. But then that cancels the nice updating feature between the two programs

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I see the aspect ration bars come through to Layout, but not the text in the corner. Is the text important?

I do a lot of Match Photo, and that causes funny-different behavior with ACT that has me puzzled. I’ve been experimenting with my own aids, but not ready to explain anything yet.

No, the text in SketchUp just tells you the camera settings.