Camera Key Maker

Hi everybody! I am trying to install and use the Camera Key Maker (CKM) plugin, but I have met with a problem. The file I’ve downloaded from Sketchucation is a .rb one while a video with instructions on how to install and use CKM clearly shows an .rbz file! The instructions in the Sketchucation are to extract all the files of the relevant .zip file in the plugins folder of SU, which I did, and also added the bezier.rb as asked. However, the CKM does not show in the View menu of SU, as it was supposed to do!
The instructions video where the relevant file is a .rbz is:

The name of the file from Skethucation is:

Any help?



SORRY FRIENDS! I was looking for Camera Key Maker in the WRONG menu! It’s in the Camera menu, not the View one.