Camera Clipping Plane problems

Hi everyone.

I have an issue (as many others) with disappearing geometric when zooming and rotating in my model.

In my case it is only a problem when looking in RED direction - positive direction. Rotating towards GREEN or negative RED works fine, but i am unable to get remotely close to my model looking in RED positive direction.

Rotating the whole model 180 degrees results in same problem in the same direction - RED positive.

My model measures app 18000x28000mm - however a have a floor plan that measures 80x40m underneath.

There is no geometry astray - zoom extends shows only the model.

Field of view is 35 - standard.

I have read some topics regarding this issue, but am unable to find a fix as for now.
I have attached screen dumbs to give a better idea perhaps.

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


The model would be far more useful than images.

Im sure, but im not really allowed to share - unfortunately.
Maybe if i can recreate the same issue in a less sensitive model - i will try that.

• SketchUp Help: Clipping and missing faces

Ok, i coped my file, deleted all geometry and just mad a big cube…

I scaled down the size of the model by 10, and perspective is on etc.
Problem consists - maybe in a smaller degree, but there is a clear difference if you look in RED positive direction of the cube.

Somehow a dotted line (Protractor?) was hiding in the RED axis going into infinity - don’t ask my why or how, but making the copy and deleting everything made me see it.
Deleted and back to normal - perfect!


Ok, when this happens again, try uploading the model so we can work out what you are doing wrong.

I was about to upload, when i discovered the problem my self - I can usually not upload my work files, so i had to delete the content first - which actually helped in this case .-)

In SketchUp the near clipping plane distance appears to be some predefined fraction of the model’s overall size in the direction you are looking. This can be very troubling when making physically large models, e.g. include a landscape around the house you are working on. If you can erase whatever is far out along the Red axis this issue should go away. Hopefully it’s just some leftover geometry.