Call-out label text size is wonky

I just ran into something very strange. I am revising a project that I created two years ago with LO/SU 2017. I am now using version 19.2.

Here’s the problem: Original text/lables/dimensions are generally 9 pt (some titles and such are larger).

  • New text specified as 9 pt shows properly (at 9 pt).

  • New dimensions specified as 9 pt. show properly (at 9 pt).

  • But call-out labels specified as 9 pt show up improperly at something closer to 8 pt or less, even though the tray reports them to be 9 pt.

Using the tray by clicking on 9 pt changes nothing. Typing in 9 pt changes nothing. In fact, all attempts to set the label font to match other text fails.
I can “fix” the problem by using the sample tool (eyedropper) but this is tedious on a 26 sheet architectural project. Is there some way to rectify the problem?

Is the font used for the labels different from the font for the other text and dimensions? Can you share the file before it’s been fixed?

Dave, thanks for your quick response.
No, the font is exactly the same. It’s a true type font (Humanist 531 BT) and is used throughout the project.
I can share the file, but it’s huge…close to 28,200 kb.

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link?

Try this:
link deleted for privacy

Downloading now. If you don’t want client and other data out there for the public, you could edit your post to remove the link.

p.s. I sent you a PM.

Thanks for the tip. I just opened the file I sent, and noticed that the problematic font size issues were already corrected on sheet 1. I dunno if you can try duplicating my issue by making a call-out label.

I’ll try.

Posting this just to announce that DaveR helped solve the problem. Neither of us could discover what caused it, but we did find a fix.
Thanks, Dave.

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