Calibrate Printer/Plotter for LayOut

I have been trying to calibrate my plotter for layout to be able to print full size drawing for construction rods for the workshop.

I have created a new Print Server Properties Form in windows with accurate paper dimension and uniform margins then used that paper to create a layout template (landscape). I then created and .skp with two lines of exact lengths in the red axis and green axis (Red Axis 1000mm, Green Axis 500mm). I inserted this .skp into LayOut as normal, I then set the viewport scale to 1:1 and preserved it. I sent this to my plotter then measured the line on the plotted drawing. The line on the green axis (short across the paper – Sky to Earth direction in landscape) was spot on but the line on the red axis (long over the length of the paper – Left to Right in landscape) was short by 1.5mm.

I have tinkered with a custom scale within LayOut but it is not possible to get both lines accurate.

I use another CAD software which allows you to do the same thing and measure the output the put those dimensions back into the software to calibrated BOTH axis.

Has anyone else come up with a solution or a work around as it would be nice to work in one program and not have export my work into another bit of software.

A plotter that prints on roll paper stock will never be accurate to a promille in the lengthwise direction. Even air humidity affects paper dimensions. SketchUp and LayOut use normal Windows print drivers so you should check the calibration settings available there.

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Thanks for your response. I use a waterproof paper on the roll to limit movement as much as possible but I totally get what you are saying. I do this with other software with good results this was more about getting the request out there.

Not sure if it would work - but if you are using this for part drawings / layout for fabrication you could set the viewport to vector rendering, then explode the viewport, allowing you to scale the remaining graphics independently in x:y axis. You could use your line tests and maybe add a circle with indicated center point to calibrate.

Not sure how often you would need to check the calibration though…

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