Calculate area of multiple holes in a surface?

To calculate surface areas I can hold down the shift key and add multiple planes. But for components that have they’re own surfaces (say a simple square ‘window’ with a transparent surface)- I cannot click multiples to add areas. Is there a way to do this?

“Report on areas” as a part of FredoTools might help here…

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Thanks Cotty,
This is a tool I’d like to try. I downloaded SketchUcationTools.rbz and Fredotools_v2.9a.rbz and dropped them in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins folder.

Now- I’ve been to the site many times searching for the required ’ LibFredo6 6.9b’ file but I cannot locate where to download it-

That is not how to install extensions. The RBZ archives would normally be kept someplace else. (I put them in a sub-folder of my “Downloads” folder, and delete old ones when new versions are released.) The point is to put them where you can easily browse to their folder.

In, SketchUp, (with a new empty model,) open the Extensions panel of the Preferences dialog.

Click the “Install Extension…” button, and browse to your RBZ archives folder. Select the one to install, and click “OK” button. (Restart SketchUp after installing.)

Install the SketchUcation Tools first, restart and use it to install the LibFredo6 library and other extensions.
(Has a “how to” video on the page.)

In addition to @DanRathbun’s advice, you may have issues with getting those extensions to run on that old of a version. Keep in mind that many developers are moving their extensions forward, along with SketchUp’s development. Not all extensions availabe work with legacy SU.

I’ve installed the SketchU-tools and Fredo-tools without problem
The problem I have is in finding the LibFredo6 download at the SketchU site

It is easy to find. It is on this page (2nd from the bottom):

You find extensions (aka plugins) by going to:
and selecting the author (if you know who,) or using the search box.

Thanks Dan,
All installed and working. As it turns out for my particular use, clicking through using Entity Info and dropping the values into a spreadsheet seems to work as well as the Report-On-Areas. But I might have occasion to try some of the other plugins.

Thanks for the tip about where to locate plug-ins. I better not move them now though----

You can move the RBZs anytime. They are just Zip archives that have been renamed to “.rbz”. I do not think there is an uninstaller feature that needs to access the rbz archives.