Cake in my name!

Why’s my name got a cake next to it? :joy:

The forum may think that it’s your birthday.

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Just hover over…



Oh right I tried hovering but nothing happened…
I don’t celebrate my birthday but thanks anyway @dezmo and @MikeWayzovski :slight_smile:
Thanks @colin for the help.

I think that Cake day is the anniversary of you joining the forum?

I think it’s a white cake on the cake day and a red cake on the birthday.

Yes! Double cake!!!

:grin: Haha

… Let us eat cake !

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I want ice cream too, Chocolate chip.

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Oh no! Don’t tell students that…

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Why not…? :joy:

I ate baked cookie dough with whippy ice cream and chocolate peanut butter so close enough :joy:

White cake and cake of colour…