C G Impact Report Extension help

Hi, using this ext. for the first time. How do I identify what #Group268 is for example. Also, when I hit the select button next to it, nothing happens. The purge unused button works fine.


You could search for group#268 in the outliner

I think the select button will only work if you are in the active group - I would guess Group268 is inside another group.

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I’m guessing that Group #268 is the name of a component in the file. Started out as a group but was converted to a component at some point. Since there are no instances of it in the model space there’s no reason to expect Select to do anything. Look at the In Model components and see if you can see it there. Of course if you purged the file it should be gone already.

Example. The three boxes are groups. The cylinder is a component that started out as a group.

After deleting Group#2 and Group#3 from the model space, The cylinder still shows in the impact report because, as a component, it’s still in the file. There are no instances of it in the model space, though. Note the 0 in the Instances column as in your report. Group#2 is not listed because it’s been deleted.



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Hit “Purge Unused Definitions” - that should clean it up nicely

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Hi Dave! Thank you so much for this reply. This is my first time on the forum and its been a success. Your reply is perfect. When I clicked on any of the #Group reference with an instance of 1 it did in fact highlight an item in the model. This makes sense now. Thank you again!

Thank you!

Thank you Kyle for taking the time to reply.

Thank you. I realised I was clicking on items with 0 instances as pointed out by Dave. which essentially doesn’t exist. Thanks again for replying