[C API] Tolerance issue

Given these vertices :
[0] {x=0.091603018343448639 y=-0.022247815504670143 z=0.15222720801830292 }
[1] {x=0.092136643826961517 y=-0.021969124674797058 z=0.15045239031314850 }
[2] {x=0.092287629842758179 y=-0.020206853747367859 z=0.15076963603496552 }

We are getting this error when calling SUFaceCreate:
SU_ERROR_GENERIC if the the points specified by outer_loop do not lie on a plane within 1.0e-3 tolerance

But, if I round the values, I get:
[0] {x=0.092 y=-0.022 z=0.152 }
[1] {x=0.092 y=-0.022 z=0.150 }
[2] {x=0.092 y=-0.020 z=0.151 }

These shouldn’t fall within the tolerance, should they?

By the way, SUEntitiesFill() using a SUGeometryInputRef, also fails to create the face, but returns SU_ERROR_NONE.