[C API] How create a polyline in SketchUp?

@DanRathbun From my point of view, my application reads a SUPolyline3dRef, and converts it as a polyline curve. Then in my application, I can treat it as a normal polyline curve, and have the special operation on the polyline curve.

You are correct: “The native Freehand Tool is not used much, so I think this is why you find it difficult to get models to test with.”.

What kind of simpel model would you like to test with? Arc shapes, straight, rectangles or what?

@Wo3Dan With tt_su’s help, now I have learned how use Freehand Tool to create a model containing a SUPolyline3dRef( from the UI by holding down Shift while using the Freehand tool). :slightly_smiling_face: That is what I want before.

So not analyzing and/or manipulating simpele 3D- Polylines?