.BVX file for a Hundegger Wood Saw?

Can Sketchup create .BVX file extensions for a Hundegger saw?

Not yet with the standard export functions. But I am working on a development for a BVX export function


Very cool! Have you developed exports for other machines?

During a study I did research into the possibilities of controlling other machines from a 3D (BIM) model in a different CAD software system.

I have already tried something from SketchUp based on CSV. But a BVX exporter involves more complexity. I will keep you informed if it is further developed.

Thanks for the reply. We look forward to hearing of new developments. Our cutlists are also in CSV format. Is there as a good plugin for going from sketchup model to CSV? Right now it is more manual translation from the model. Appreciate any advice you have.

Hello, OpenCutList (OCL) is a sketchup plugin able to export a cut list to a CSV file.

Hey thanks for the recommendation. Checking it out now