"buttonless" clickpad" has anyone else found these frustrating with CAD?

This is my first laptop with such a touch pad. Previously the left and right click buttons were separate from the pad. Significantly, the surfaces of the buttons were not sensitive to movement/input. With the 'buttonless" variety of pad I find it impossible to scroll the cursor/pointer to any precise point on the screen and then click/select with a click on the pad without shifting the cursors location as it “selects”.

Any slight roll of the thumb or finger on the way into the click results in the cursor shifting position. I have fiddled with the sensitivity settings to no avail. I have fiddled with the button assignments to no avail. I have tried multiple changes of habit with using different fingers to “click”… to no avail. I have scoured the Dell laptop boards to find solutions or even commiseration, to almost complete silence.
I find it so hard to believe that I am alone in this frustration I have to wonder if there is anything extremely obvious that i’m missing here. I even tried adhering a layer of cardboard atop the faux button sections along the bottom of the pad. It did not work. The constant presence of an object on the touch pad renders the mouse movement erratic and unpredictable. Dell support says there is no mechanism or setting by which these faux buttons can be desensitized to cursor movement.

I use a wireless mouse generally, with no problem. But there are many times that I’d like to use the touch pad.

Any advice? Commiseration… at least:)