Building permits documents in England

Some updates: we (Frida Gezelius, Tobias Lundström and I) have now finished our project. The course is about analyzing a building through making models of it, and these drawings have been incredibly helpful. From the drawings we made SketchUp models that we then used for laser cutting and get measurements for the physical models.


Hi, I am a chartered architectural technologist and have been in practice over 25 years both in the public sector and private practice here in the UK and overseas.

I have on many occasions tried to get hold of the detailed information you appear to looking for but with little joy.

Whilst planning records e.g. drawings are public record the detailed construction information required for building regulations approval is not and local authorities are not willing to share this information quoting copyright held by the original designer / architect. That often leaves the only option of approaching the original designer / architect if they are willing and able to supply the required information.


Andrew Langford CIAT

Great model but I have to say if I was your professor or a building inspector your Sketchup model would inform me a lot more than the physical model about your building or its context on the site… while at the same time being quicker, more flexible and use less physical resources.

I really get annoyed that Universities insist students prepare these models…

This specific course was about analyzing a building throng a physical model, but in the general case I agree. I often takes way to much to produce a physical model that doesn’t really show what can’t be shown in drawings and digital models.

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As Sketchup users we all have a preference for the digital model, however, when I find myself in a showroom looking at a physical scale model, it brings a smile to my face.
Would I ever take the time to make one or print a model? Probably not twice, I did print a detailed model about 3 years ago, and after cleaning filament from printer nozzle & muttering obscenities under my breath I decided life is too short.

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