Builder Free ? Flippin' hard this... Component Options Profile Name

Don’t know why I’m struggling with basics, I can use AutoCAD no problem but my client requires a sketchup model…

Anyway, I’ve installed the Builder Free extension from store. This contains a component called Stripwood. I dragged one of these from the Builder tray onto the workspace. Then selecting this item (right drag selection box). From here I opened the Component Options window, and changed Profile Name to “8x4 Timber” and changed the dimensions to suit. In the Components Window the original Stripwood’#1 remains at the same size. If I select the new resized Entity that I thought was renamed to “8x4 Base”, then the Entity Info says “Stripwood#1” not “8x4 Base”.

So question is, what is the Component Options Window for and what is this Profile Name option doing?

Ive searched the help using various searches using words in “Component Options Profile Name” but nothing useful came back.

Component option dialog belongs to another extension, Dynamic Components.
It could be that Builder free extension can use components that also are dynamic, but they might be interfering, as well.
If still trying to make a bedframe, why bother learning an extension.
Just use Generate report.

Experience with AutoCAD does not imbue knowledge of SketchUp.
The notion one can substitute plugins for knowledge of how SU works will only lead to further frustration.

There are abundant (free) resources available to learn the basic functions of the native tools.

• SketchUp Learning Tracks Library
• SketchUp YT Channel


Indeed. You may know how to drive a pack of huskies but it won’t enable you to drive a car, despite both being means of transport.

Having migrated to Sketchup from Autocad myself, I can say that although there is some overlap, SU works very differently from AC. It is easy to get lulled into a false sense of security with SU because it appears so intuitive. It IS pretty intuitive but you do at least need to get to grips with some basics before kicking off or you will get into awful difficulties. Realising the “sticky” nature of the raw geometry is just the first and most basic difference from “normal” CAD.

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