Buildedge Plan registered, but can't create doors & windows


Hello. I have emailed support @, but heard nothing from them regarding my issues, so I thought I’d post my issue here and perhaps someone could help me out.

I just bought the BuildEdge Plan extension to SU2014, installed, entered the serial number and started to draw. Walls, floors and roofs are all good, but when it comes to making windows & doors I’m stuck. All I see is a red, over crossed icon when I try to add anything of them. I then read that the free version has this exact limitation, making me wonder if there’s a registration issue.

So, I uninstalled the plugin (took me a while to figure out how on my Mac running 10.9.5), installed again and was expecting to re-enter the serial. But no – the plugin started and looked like it was registered alright. Serial info is probably stored elsewhere. I then tried to make a fresh new installation on one of my other macs, but I was then greeted with an error saying that the registration information was wrong. My guess is that the extension only can be installed on one computer, which is utterly weird on itself if you ask me…

Anyway, I first and foremost want the plugin to work as expected. Does anyone know what to to? I don’t want to sit here, waiting in vain for someone at Buildedge to reply.


Hey I can’t help you with the problem of the plugin…
BUT The one thing I know, is that there is an extension called RubyWindow (3D doors, windows and frames)
Wich allows you to easily place these windows and doors you want to place.

You can check it out at the extension warehouse ore visit

Good luck! I hope this helps you.


Hi DBaars, and thanks for your reply. I did finally (after waiting a loong time for the customer support to reply), manage to get back on track. It was a matter of deleting the prefs for the plugin, which in my case wasn’t obvious where to locate. Under Mavericks (that’s OSX 10.9), you need to reveal the hidden library folder and then drill down to the plugin itself and then delete the (corrupted) preferences file.

Before I purchased BuildEdge Plan I actually had a look at RubyWindows, but it looked too complicated for my current needs. I’ll keep this solution in mind if/when things change for me.