Build a flashing


I have to build a flashing for my model, here I put the photo.
I’ve done a first draft but do not know how to proceed with sketchup to build the wall

I did the skeleton, but now as a continuous …

lamp.skp (647.5 KB)

Did you try to use an animated GIF as a texture ?

I built a model for printing 3d, now I have to put on and then build the flashing for printing 3d.

I have to build the housing as it was full.

I’m afraid your English is limited. :disappointed:

You have made the ‘profiles’ [you say ‘skeletons’] of the mesh’s surface.
But now you need to convert them into a ‘mesh surface’.

Fist you need to build the mesh…
You could do this manually, but to avoid a brain-meltdown…

Look on SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation for Fredo’s ‘CurviLoft’ - or my own ‘Extrude Tools’…

When you have your mesh[es], then you need to apply some ‘thickness’…

Again look there for Fredo’s ‘Joint Push Pull’ tool to do that for you…

Then thers’ all of the processing to ensure the result is a ‘solid’ :fearful:

You are trying to do a complex operation. Do you have the basic SketchUp skills yet ?