Bugsplats Pro 2022

When I open my 2D project in Pro 2022, and click anywhere it splats. Over and over.

Have you had a problem before? Is there a problem with only a certain model, or with all of them?
Share the model that is problematic! (If it’s too large to upload to your post share with link to e.g. Drobox, Google Drive, Wetransfer etc…)

If there has been a Windows update recently, the graphics driver may have been replaced. You can go to the Intel website and download the latest driver from there and update.

It happened last week just after uploading to 2022. I’d be working on a project and when I clicked on B or from the toolbar onto the materials list it would splat. I rebooted several times. After awhile that stopped. Now, on a different project, I open it and when I use the mouse to click anywhere on the project or enlarge it splats. Rebooted again. I should have received the latest driver when I rebooted.

Unfortunately, it is known that the windows update could ruin your graphics driver. That’s why I recommended you check out the Intel website.

You can also try to go to Windows>>Preferences>>OpenGL and try to toggle the Use fast feedback checkbox. Then restart Sketchup to see if it gets better or not.