Bugsplat crash

I am working with a new extension, and as I move along it keeps crashing, my pc is new the video card is up to date, it may be the extension itself?
Please help me.
Thanks, Stella

Try to help us help you.
You have barely filled in your profile in nearly 4 years.
You havent said anything about what Extension or what it is doing.
What Graphic card, what action causes the problem
which version of SU which version of windows
no image or model

In the nicest possible way, We can’t read minds.

Sorry, now I feel scalded ike a child, but I will follow up with your questions.
I am using the extension Condoc tools. My graphic card NVIDIA, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
GL Version 4.6.0 NVIDIA 416.34.
The cause of the action as follows: open a drawing, open the extension CONDOC 4.5 and just learning and applying the steps it does not matter it keep crashing on me. I have SU professional Pro 2019.

Thank you.
Stella Barison Interior Designer-Project Manager
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Are you filling in the requested info and then submitting the bugsplats to Trimble? If so, you should get a web-page reply with a crash report number. Mentioning that number here may help get attention from the Trimble team.

No need to feel scolded, we are getting somewhere.
I don’t use condocs but some here do. You could ask at the condocs site for a faster answer.
You should also fill in your profile so we don’t have to keep asking what you have on each question.
Just to be clear, know your full info helps us answer questions as there are different combinations of SU Version and Operating system.
So please fill in your profile with your specific Operating system, SU Version and Graphic card.

The Condoc tools I see in Extension Warehouse is not marked as being compatible with SketchUp 2019, but I tried installing anyway, and got an error about the page not existing.

Is there somewhere online to get the version you are using?

Hi Colin I am using 4.5 version is compatible with SU 2019.

Yes every time I have a bugsplat i filled the form explain what is going on, probably 3 times.

Thanks for your feed back

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I will thanks.

I must be looking at the wrong extension. Here’s the one I find:


Where can I get the one you’re using?

Problems with extensions derive mostly from combinations of extensions. Do you have more extensions?


Get the trial over here:


Edit: there seems to be a temporary problem with the server @mikebrightman

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Is there any pattern to the crashes? Any specific action or combination of actions that seem to trigger them?

Hello Everyone! Sorry to hear about the hassle!
ConDoc 4.5 is “extremely” compatible with SketchUp 2019. We launched this dot release to take full advantage of the new dashed line functionality.
I am very confident that ConDoc is stable. These crashes often come from the mentioned blend of extensions… or possibly underpowered hardware. Either way, can you tell me exactly what you were doing when SketchUp crashed? Did you use one of the ConDoc Tools? Keep in mind that the ConDoc Tools are not actively running in the background.
Regarding our website, we have been battling these 507 errors for a few weeks! How embarassing (palm on forehead)! If you refresh the page it often lets you through on the first try… I promise we are all over this… “Growing Pains”.
Thanks for your patience as we sort this out!

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