Bug with new reporting feature - some text not passing through

I like many of the new features in the reporting mechanism but I did discover a bug. Some text characters are not passing through to the report data. In particular I am using descriptive names in some of my objects to help retrieve dimensional attributes. Characters such as the following do not make it into the report:

“-”, “/”, “”".

For example in an object name I might use something like:

2x4x9’8-13/16" beveled end

When output to the report it comes out as follows:

2x4x9’81316 beveled end

I have not done a exhaustive check to see is any other characters are dropped. These are the ones I have noticed so far.

Thanks. A few others don’t make it through: < > / ^ ! - Bug filed.

This is looking better but I just ran another report and I find that some characters that I routinely use are still not getting passed through. Here is an example:

Entity Name in my drawing:

osb 7/16"x4’x4’4-5/8" roof

Entrity Name that makes it into the report:

osb 7/16"x4’x4’458" roof

Notice that the / and - characters are still not getting passed through.