Bug with multiple clicks when existing viewport editing:

When I’m editing a viewport, if I click multiple times to get out of the viewport screen as I do since I am trying to work fast, get into a viewport group to edit it and get out as fast as I can, I usually click say 3-4 times to leave a viewport edit bounding box and go back to annotating. When I do this the layout app starts flickering and my tray completely resets itself, the tray becomes more narrow as I originally set it up to be wider to view more of the contents and the windows rearrange, dissapear, etc. The tray basically resets. Try clicking a bunch of times when leaving a viewport edit bounding box to see if it can be reproduced. That’s all I can share on this.

Hope this gets fixed soon, will be more careful with the amount of clicks I make when leaving a viewport.

Tucker, I guess you know that editing in the viewport is not seen as a good workflow… is this what you are doing?

No. I make my viewport a group, I click in and out of that group to edit things. I never change the viewport camera by clicking inside of the layout viewport or any of that stuff, the only time I change the viewport settings is through the sketchup model window in layout. My viewports are grouped into one group and my annotations are in another group in layout and I’m constantly clicking in and out of them for editing the annotations and or overlaying viewports.

I used to group mine but I don’t bother now

Cool!! Yea I’ll look into that haha, might be the way to go for me too…

Can you not press esc to get out of a group?

I can…

For me one of my big things is not touching my keyboard, I hotkey around 40 buttons for both programs to make sure I’m barely touching the keyboard to try and be efficient… I could press esc, just choose not to and although I appreciate the work around option. It’s still a bug that is a pain.

Why group viewports if you want to work fast? Why not use seperate layers for annotations and viewports?

Thanks for your suggestions. I do use seperate layers as you say, seperating my annotations and my drawings. I have my annotations grouped, than I have my stacked viewports all together in 1 group. I think I’ll stop grouping the viewports together but keep the annotations and drawings in one big group so I can move drawings easily around the page. Do you have a better suggestion?

I don’t know if it’s ‘better’, at times, I wished I had set up a drawing differently and take that in account for the next one.
Some ‘types’ of drawing have evolved in a template.or ‘style’.
Speed is more depending on thinking ahead and doing the works up front than the number and speed of clicks.

EDIT: what bugs me more about the grouping is the fact that it always puts the doodad or gizmo at its center, and not to a user defined spot, so you’ll end up turning the grid and/or object snapping on and off all the time.

I never, ever, use the grid, haha… The grid is always off for me.