[Bug] Using 3D Warehouse closes open Group

I’m trying to place a window inside my house but when I start placing the component from 3D Warehouse, I have been kicked out of my house. There is no reason to silently change drawing context here. I specifically opened 3D Warehouse when I was insdie of the house as I wanted the window to go in that group.

To clarify: you’re a level (or two) deep into a group or component, and then you open 3D Warehouse to insert a new component to that level of the model. But instead, the component gets inserted outside of that nested context, right?

If so, I agree we should fix this!

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There is a tiny difference between your description and what happens. The component is insert at the context you are at, but, by the time the component is placed you are switch to a global context. That’s a little different than if you remain in your intended context, and the model is place in a global context. It’s the switch of your context that is wrong, not the placing of the component.

It seems to be happening just after the component is loaded and before Place tool is activated. The component ends up in the wrong drawing context (top level).