Bug: triggering dimension precision needed

@Mark, having set precision in a template isn’t enough to get started. I need to trigger (say) highest precision by clicking on (say) 0 and then back to the desired 0.000000 to get that precision actually visible in the applyed dimensions. See:

and after triggering:

Thanks for the heads-up, Gerrit. I’ll test this a bit and get back to you on our course of action.

Also, FYI: a bunch of us on the SketchUp team just returned from a week-long company shutdown. It appears the forum is down for some people (I’m currently replying from email), so I’m hoping to get back in to the forum proper before too soon!


Hi Gerrit: after a bit of testing, I’m not sure If I fully understand your note here. If I change the unit and precision settings, I’m seeing dimension entities respect those changes. If I change the settings before drawing a dimension, it also renders with my specified settings. Are you spotting a bug here? If so, what browser are you using? Or, are you making a note on behavior you think we should adopt? Thanks for clarifying!

The OP is saying that they start a model using a template that has precision set to 6 decimals (top image.) They create dimensions but those dimensions do not reflect the template’s precision setting.

They are forced to click on a different precision setting and back to 6 decimals in order for SUfW to use the proper precision setting. (bottom image)


Hi Mark, as Dan says, it happens when I start a new model. As you can see in the screenshot, the dimension’s displayed precision and the set precision do not match. They should. It’s no big deal but confusing (as it was for me) till I knew I just needed to trigger SketchIp to respect the setting.
Although little, it’s a bug.

I hope I didn’t spoil your vacation.

Added: For this I was using a chromebook/chrome and the free web version of SketchUp
Google Chrome OS Versie 74.0.3729.159 (Officiële build) (64-bits)

Thanks for clarifying, guys. It sounds like the way to reproduce this is to create a SKP (or template) with units and precision settings preset. I’ll re-test and report back.

Gerrit: my vacation was great. Thanks for calling out this issue!


Okay; I tested again. The templates we provide with SketchUp for Web don’t include one with millimeter precision set to 6 digits. Gerrit: when you use the millimeter template and go to Model Info, do you see precision set (by default) to six digits? Or, are you using a template file with precision set to six digits?

(If the latter, would you mind attaching the file? I wasn’t able to reproduce by creating my own 6-digits of precision template).

That is not what I do.

As follows:
I start a completely new session with SketchUp Free ( new day thus starting the webversion)
It starts with format 1/2" and precision 1/16"
I change them to format 0.0mm and precision 0.000000mm (I like precision high and certainly no inches but mm) and start drawing. So far all is fine.

After i while I decide to start with a new model from template, choosing “Simple Template - Millimeters
I take your word for it that it has precision set to 0mm but then my settings still show 0.000000mm
This should be overruled by the new template setting 0mm if that is what the template has stored.
I was under the impression that I started with a template with 0.000000mm as shown in ‘Model Info’.

added: so in fact SketchUp Free respects its template settings but doesn’t reset what is shown in ‘Model Info’ to what is stored when starting the new file.

Thanks for chiming in (again) with the details. Now I’ve got what you are talking about. As far as we can tell, the modeler is using the previous model’s unit settings when opening a new model from template. Obviously, the unit settings (and others) should respect the template, not the previous models. We’ve got this in the queue for a bug fix.

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