Bug Splat With Trim

@Barry or @trent, I’ve gotten a bug splat a couple of times. Used Trim to trim one solid component with a another, deleted the trimmer component and Splat! Any chance you could take a look and see what’s going on? Last one was number 18733. Thank you.

I pinged Trent with details. Does that component have an imported material from our deprecated Window->Photo Textures? That shows up in the stack.

Thanks Barry. No materials or textures at all so that’s weird.

I managed to get what I was doing completed by exploding the nested components and trimming the leg components from there.

Yea, weird. We’ll have a look.

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Thank you! If you want the SKP file, I can send it.

Yes, please do. We’ll attach to the ticket.

Sent. Thanks!


Do you have a video or gif that shows how to repro the crash? I have the skp file but can’t get it to crash.

Mark Chandler

Hi Mark,

Just a moment.

Thanks, Dave. I’ve opened a new bug for this.

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Thanks Mark.

Can you reproduce it?

Yes. Only once, though (but was able to get a video of it).

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Can I chime in and ask if this is with the Native Trim or with Eneroth Solid Tools?

Also, is this on a Mac or PC?

Just curious so I can bear it in mind for the future.



This is on the PC using the native Trim. Eneroth Solid Tools does something different but doesn’t cause a Bug Splat. The splat also occurs with SU2018. It’s a very odd occurrence which I’ve never seen with any of my other models. While it’s strange, I’m going to guess that it would be incredibly unlikely for you to run into the same situation.

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