Bug Splat after Component Save-As/Reload

I just submitted a bug splat: Crash #334091

You’ll find a tremendous number of these bug splats associated to my email address. I get them whenever I close SketchUp if I have exported a component file via the context menu/Save As - or reloaded an updated version of the component using the context menu/Reload tool. Thankfully I get the error when closing SketchUp so it isn’t causing a loss of work. It has been annoying me for years now, dating back to version 2021 I believe.

The export/reload feature is a critical part of my workflow, as it allows for others to collaborate and keep file sizes in check.

My files are synced locally on my machine and backed up to cloud drives, either DropBox or Egnyte depending on what I am working on. I am not sure if that adds to the problem…

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