Bug splat 1970214

AndyTube twist sticks.skp (169.0 KB)
I had a bug splat this morning. In this skp file I was trying to redraw the notches in the end of the tube. I wanted a smooth end surface so I could redraw more accurate and more centered lines to cut new notches.

At first, I tried push/pull to pull the notches out to the maximum length. I got a message saying surfaces that had been smoothed can’t be subject to push/pull.

So then, I pushed the outer rim back to the depth of the notch. That seemed to work.

I drew a line across the open recess hoping to create a surface that I could use to find center. That’s when the bug splat happened.

I submitted the bug splat report but thought people on this forum might have some ideas or suggestions.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the splat had do with extremely short edge segments.

The bottoms of the notches aren’t flat which could be a problem. Are they not supposed to be flat?

I think we’ve talked about this before. Since this is for 3D printing, it would be easier to model inches as meters and export the .stl at meters. Then import into the slicer in inches.

Yes, I’ve been guilty of drawing in too small a scale before. I’ll redraw in a larger scale. And yes the bottom of the notches are supposed to be flat.

I looked at your bugsplat, and also other people’s from the past, where the crash was the same issue. Very few people give their name or email, or any description about what they were doing at the time. Of the few that did, they were generally like yours, where they were simply making a change to the drawing. One person noted that they had tapped the Esc key.

The geometry being small does sound like it’s part of the problem.

What is the length of this thing? I was working with it and found some other weird geometry.

I redrew it in meters and that went a lot better.

This is a tool for depressing the wings on a retaining clip for a bushing in a sewing machine motor. My first attempt at drawing the notches were inconsistent. I then went to the protractor tool and drew guide lines at 20 and 40 degrees and that gave centered and consistent guide lines for making the notches. Here’s the drawing as it now stands.
Twist stick 20-40.skp (70.0 KB)

I feel guilty for wasting time reporting a bug splat when the real problem is that I forgot what Dave has told me before “work in a bigger format and then scale down, since most of my drawings are relatively small”.

Another learning experience for me.

The drawing is 6" long, 1 1/8" diameter.

But, I took your advice and redrew in meters. See my skp in another posting.

Good that it went better. It’s a bit different from the first one, too.

No worries about reporting the Bug Splat. That’s what they are for.

Looking at it now. Looks like you are in good shape and off to the races.

SketchUp should never crash. Therefore, reporting any and all crashes (for the most-recent version of the application) is a good idea.