Bug Splash

I have SketchUp Make 2017
Everytime I try to download something from 3D Warehouse I get the BugSplash.
How do I fix that?
Thank you

Are you on Windows or Mac? Are you accessing 3D Warehouse from within the SketchUp application or via a separate web browser?

To rule out whether it’s the 3D Warehouse window or the models you are downloading, can you search for the same thing in the Components panel, then click on the thumbnail to download to your model. Does that work without crashing?

I have Windows 10, and accessed the 3DWarehouse from File>3D Warehouse>Get Models and also from the Components panel. From both sources, I get the Bug Splash.

I closed SU, restarted my computer, got back to the same file and now I can download from 3D Warehouse with no problem (?)

It might have been the Warehouse…it happened to two of us in our office earlier this afternoon. Seems fine now.

It seems there was an issue earlier today. Not sure why it would lead to crashes in some cases, but it looks like it has been fixed:

I hope it was the Warehouse and not my SU.

Thank you guys!!!