Bug spalt at startup

hello, i am using sketch up 8 and every time i open it it give me bug splat at startup i tried every thing (like going to display graphics and put sketch up at high performance but not worked)
also i have updated my graphics card but nope
my laptop detail :
intel® HD graphics 620
Ram 8 GB
Windows 10, 64-bit
core™ i7-7500U 2.70GHZ 2.90GHZ

I assume you’ve been using SketchUp 8 for many years without problems. Since it hasn’t changed in years, you need to look at what has. Typically Bug Splats on startup are related to graphics problems. Since you’ve updated and that hasn’t worked, you might try rolling the drivers back to an earlier version. Keep in mind that Windows updates commonly include Intel graphics driver updates and they have been known to cause problems. If you find it’s a graphics driver issue and you find one that works, make sure you keep a copy of it so you can reinstall it if you start having this problem again.

By the way, your profile is confusing. It says you are using the free web based version of SketchUp 8 but there has never been a web version of SU8. Perhaps you could correct that?