Bug Report - Outliner Character Limit in 2020

MacBook Pro 10.15.4, SU Pro 20.0.362. In another thread (Outliner in SU 2020), I added this issue to the discussion and the consensus is that it is actually a bug. Here is the description.

the number of characters displayed in 2020 is limited to 32 characters and in 2019 is 122 characters. The “missing” characters are not lost since they are in the Entity Info window, they just are not displayed. In the other thread, a Windows user said he did not see this behavior and another Mac user did see it. I have attached a simple file plus 2 screen shots to show the behavior.

Thanks.su outliner char limit.skp (21.0 KB)

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Thanks for reporting this. I opened an issue in our internal bug database.

Hi mchandler. Basically 2020 is unusable with this bug in it. I have many existing models where I cannot differentiate between different components with similar names. My naming convention has many components start with the same characters and become unique several into them. Combine this with nesting…