Bug - Random displacement

I have an issue of things within a group being displaced large distances seemingly at random. It cannot be undone with ctrl+z and so does not seem to be intended in any way. This also makes it very destructive and frustrating. The instance in the following image happened while using the push/pull tool but I’ve had it happen in a myriad of other ways too.
model6 bug report.skp (1.9 MB)

This is sketchup pro 2019 on windows.


Many of these things happen when the ‘Autosave’ kicks in. Try if disabling that feature in Window->Preferences->General reduces it

You also might have a conflicting extension combi going on…

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Hidden geometry interacts with visible geometry in the same context.
Expanding the Outliner indicates the Hide command has been used frequently.
Try abandoning the use of Hide and see if the problem goes away.

Among the hidden geometry @Geo mentioned are a large number of guide lines. Try using guidelines only as temporary aids and deleting them as soon as possible instead of hiding them. SketchUp may find inferences along these hidden guides.

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A scenario where SketchUp often creates bizarre spiky geometry is after attempting to undo a validation-repair operation. For me, usually such an undo creates lots of long triangles that were never in the model prior to that undo of the repair. If I undo a few more extra steps, usually the bizarre geometry disappears and I’m back to a clean un-repaired state (minus those few extra operations prior to when the repair was done, that I also needed to undo in order to make the bizarre geometry go away).

That should not be the norm. Hidden guides should be exempt from inferencing.

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