Bug in web version

I cannot use the web version of Sketchup (using Chrome). I get this error in the console:
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘length’)
at _glGetAttachedShaders (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:8696:24)
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x656ddb
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x657155
at invoke_iiiii (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:10814:36)
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x65cb9e
at invoke_iiiii (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:10814:36)
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x64b4f6
at invoke_iiiii (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:10814:36)
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x64b19c
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x6551ae
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x64dcae
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x64dc18
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x650950
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x6507b4
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x2fc0d
at invoke_v (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:10803:29)
at webapp_gl2.wasm:0x2f42a
at Module._main (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:10502:72)
at callMain (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:12516:15)
at doRun (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:12559:23)
at run (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:12574:5)
at runCaller (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:12495:19)
at Object.removeRunDependency (webapp_gl2.js.jgz:662:7)
at n (277.js:1:92391)

We have generally seen this with unsupported browsers. Are you actually using Google Chrome or Chromium? It’s possible that there is some incompatibility with the Linux version of Chrome (according to your profile you’re on Linux).

Unfortunately the error appears to be related to a third-party library we use talking to the browser so we probably cannot fix it directly. It might be fixed with an update to the library (which is coming fairly soon).