Bug in the licensing process

I know this isn’t the correct place to report this but I have received no response from Chris Fulmer and friends for over a week. Maybe someone here has seen something similar.

A new customer contacted me saying that my extension would not install. I went back and forth with him to be sure he was doing the right things. I checked the license database: He had no license, but emailed me a receipt that proved that he paid. So I looked at the list of trail licenses: he had two EXPIRED trial licenses with the same date and time and the same LICENSE ID: one with a ORDER ID in trial format (TRIAL:54292766) and the other with a ORDER ID if full paid license format (830895). No other TRIAL license has ever appeared in this format.

Here’s what the listing looks like: Look at the 2 checked licenses:

Has anybody seen this before?

You shouldn’t publish customer data on the internet (or are these just made-up example data?).



I suppose the License ID is different from the license key. Usually customer data is understood as all customer-related (especially identifying) data including the fact they have a relationship at all with the seller. At least the names are not given as full names.

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I now have 3 more new users reporting licensing problems in the last week. Something has changed. (My extensions I have not changed in months). Chris Fulmer has still not responded to many requests for a fix. Am I the only developer experiencing this?

@barry_milliken_droid, it appears you have two more. Another user reported an issue with failure to get a license for 2DXY SiteSurvey tools. I downloaded the trial just to see what happens and I get a failure as well. I downloaded trials for several other commercial scripts from other authors and they work just fine. I don’t know what that says about where the problem lies but it doesn’t appear to be wide spread.

I emailed the following message by bcc to every new user (either trial or permanent license attempt):

To: new users of my 2DXY extensions since November 1.

Starting on November 8, I started to get complaints from some new users that they couldn’t download a license (either a trial license or a permanent license) from the Trimble Extension warehouse. Since I’ve made no changes to these extensions for months and have hundreds of happy users, there must be some new problem with Trimble’s licensing process. Since I have no control over this process, I have to wait for them to fix it.

Meanwhile, I have temporarily disabled downloads for my 2 extensions so others don’t run into the same problem. While they are disabled, they will not appear in the warehouse. They are:
2DXY SiteSurvey
2DXY SlickMoves

When Trimble tells me that they have fixed their problem, I will send you all an email with the news.

Meanwhile, please reply with info that might help Trimble:
• Did you get the extension to work? Trial or permanent?
• What operating system and version do you run.
• What version of SketchUp are you using.

So I disabled them and the no longer appear in my “Store” page.

But they still appear in the Warehouse, and new users are running into the same problems???

I’ve had no response from Chris Fulmer’s email for 2 weeks.
So I tried to call. The extension number I had for him “does not exist”.
The “receptionist” does not answer and “mailbox is full”.
The company directory has only 6 names.
Several users with this problem have left messages with the Pro help desk but have had no response.
It’s a black hole.

Whatever it was, it seems to be fixed. I just installed a trial of your 2DXY and it works fine. Well, there are a few tools that don’t do what I’d expect but in general the trial works.

Both my extensions begin with “2DXY” so I can’t tell which you are referring to. Are you saying that installing the second fixed the first?


Barry, 2DXY SiteSurvey is now installing correctly.

As I wrote in the e-mail, I installed 2DXY SlickMoves. It worked. Evidently the other works as well, now.

So what do users need to do to solve this problem?
Are licenses verified in real time every time SketchUp is started? If so they need to do nothing.
Or are licenses stored in a EW.lic file on the users’ machine so they can work offline?

Meanwhile the user with the corrupted license I first reported is still in trouble, but apparently was a separate problem.

Finally someone at Trimble has taken notice: This message appears at top of extension warehouse page:
“Currently experiencing technical difficulties with some extension licenses and approvals”