Bug in lines exported at Collada format


I noticed some issues when I tried to import in an other software the following models exported at Collada format:

They contain a few empty <p /> in some <lines> elements.
First, this shouldn’t happen since it leads to a empty lines, and I even wonder if it’s not a bug in the export procedure of Sketchup because the count attribute of these <lines> elements isn’t zero.

Hope you can fix it…



The first example had 1 in 143, the second had 8 in 157. I downloaded the second one (it’s a SketchUp 8 model that hasn’t been re-rendered in a while), saved in 2015, exported to collada, and went went down to 2, and no


So I think you’re seeing this because these are models that were exported a while ago, and haven’t been re-rendered with newer versions of SketchUp. If it really bothers you or you see an error, do what I did: download the .skp, purge unused and fix errors, save in 2015, export to collada.

Thanks for your reply :smile:

It would be nice to fix it in the DAE files generated by Sketchup, because I think it doesn’t respect the Collada specifications. If you look at the section about <lines> element at page 5-71, its count attribute indicates a number of lines and its <p> child element lists a number of indices at least equal to twice the value of the count attribute.
In the DAE files I cited, the count attribute wasn’t zero, reflecting probably an issue. Either some indices are missing in the <p> child element, or the count attribute of some lines elements is wrong.

The same problem. Wrong index count in p tag (line #1256 in .dae file)
chair.dae (114.5 KB)

Need to change name looks like table to me :smiling_imp:
Mesh lab reports 770+ duplicate vertices. SU has never stated they are 100% compliant with the dae schema. I think at SU 8 it was about 93%