BUG: Changing active layer name

It is imposible to change active layer name.
I have tried to change it but it was restored to old value after collapse and open “Layers” tab again.

So, now it possible only to change non-active layer names.

Seems that it is bug.

Or maybe it’s a feature that hasn’t been made active yet.

No. I think I have described problem not clear.
It it possible to change active layer name in the textfield, but it is not saving after such change.

Just as in the desktop version of SketchUp, you should be leaving Layer 0 active at all times and you can’t change its name. That’s no bug.

I just tested this in my.SketchUp. If a layer other than Layer 0 is active, it’s name can be changed. Layer 0’s name is permanently fixed.

Please try next steps to represnet issue:

  1. Create layer.
  2. Make it active.
  3. Rename it
  4. Click to the “Layers” header tab twice (hide and show again layer)
  5. You will see that layer was not renamed.

Great find Hacker-CB!

I’ve noted this issue with our dev team.

We’ll have this fixed before our next release.

Eric Bohn

UX|UI Designer