Bug Bug Bug Pro 2015 just closes

Just installed Pro 2015 update. Whilst scrolling through the 3d warehouse after searching for “construction equipment” It just closes no warning no bug splat no backup offered when . I pay for annual maintenance please fix in accord with my agreement this is now urgent If this does not go to a Trimble person please pass it on


What operating system are you running? And am I correct in understanding that you never get a chance to submit a bugsplat report?


Win 8.1 on a PC not a tablet ye just closes ! 2014 was okay are you from Trimble??

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Yes, I’m from Trimble. I’m actually the Mac specialist but I help out where I can.

Is there a particular model on the warehouse that’s causing this crash? Could you give me instructions (as detailed as possible) to reproduce the crash? It’s very odd that you’re not getting a BugSplat dialog, which makes it very difficult to pinpoint what’s causing the issue.


HI Marc, it has been some time since we connected but I am still getting a problem :-opened SKPro 2015 blank project, simply went to file/open 3D warehouse pop up opens no images showing, clicked in search, closes then BUG SPLAT this is a real nuisance now and is severely curtailing the usability of the product. I pay a support fee when will TRimble FIX ??? they are going to get a very bad name. When Microsoft treated me like this, No support ! I published a complaint in my national PC magazine, they then did something about it !. I would prefer not to do that with Trimble, I think the product is generally very good. I have tried ALL the solutions about graphics card, clear cache etc etc. What I want for my annual support contract is for someone from Trimble to jump on my PC remotely and FIX IT !

“File > 3D Warehouse” uses the MS Internet Explorer, if there is something broken or blocked by your security solution accessing the Warehouse may fail and result in a problem.

Reset the MS IE (not Firefox, not Chrome, not Safari, not Opera) to the defaults, install all updates and ensure that JavaScript (not Java) is enabled. Clearing the cache and the cookies is obvious.

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… and have you updated SketchUp to the latest Maintenance Release ?

As of this posting it is:

  • 15.3.331 - Windows 64­-bit
  • 15.3.330 - Windows 32­-bit
  • 15.3.329 - OS X 64­-bit
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Have you contacted support? Open 3dwarehouse in SketchUp, type control-L, and navigate to 3D Warehouse. Copy that, and paste it into Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help and give them the forum link to this thread. Bug Bug Bug Pro 2015 just closes

I’ve seen this crash, but we can’t repro it, so anything you can do to help us figure out what it is would be helpful.