Browser windows in SU 2019 / 2020 look blurry?

Just rolling over into 2020 but frustrated by the browser windowsn for extensions have recently turn barely readable… this may be SU but more likely a W10 ■■■■ update… any hints on how to fix?

Tried all my W10 setting but nothing seems to fix it…

Is this in embedded web dialogs inside SketchUp ? … or external in what browser ?

Embedded Dan, when selecting EW from the SU menu

I’m on WIn10 and it’s not blurry for me. I even tried to zoom the window but it doesn’t work in the embedded Chromium windows.

(On a sidenote, I’ve often mentioned to the team that their gray textcolor is hard to read especially at smaller sizes. But they haven’t changed the color AFAIK.)

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Issue with DPI scaling perhaps?

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Possibly, and I will play around with them, but it only just started this problem in the last week — I have a suspicion its a W10 patch issue… as I am also getting prompted to make Windows Explorer 11 my default, I use only Firefox now [hmm maybe the recent Firefox upgrade is the culprit…

PS, the SE browser window also appears very blurry, then sharpens slightly after about 2-5 secs… like it was downloading a low res image first… but even in the sharpened form it really irritating hard to read… particularly when I am suing the interface extensively to reinstall extensions

Also getting this prompt every time I access a extension or Warehouse Menu in SU…

w10 warning