Brown parts in downloaded files not printing


I found a great item in the 3d warehouse I attempted to print but part of it did not print completely. I put the file in Netfabb and noticed part of it was brown. I didn’t think anything of that but began printing. The brown part required support, and support was built up to the part where that file was to begin but it stopped at that part.

Can anyone recommend how to edit that piece of it? Thanks


Pretty hard to figure out unless you give more info about exactly what model you are referring to…


photo file.jpg

Sorry here is a picture. It stopped printing right at the darker part


Give us the link to the model in the warehouse so we can see what is wrong with it.


Did you run it through the Materialise / 3d printing / STL print feature of 3Dwarehouse? It should build up supports to make the print work.

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