Broken software - we are in year 2020 - I'm disappointed

a drawing software in 2020 with not trim or extend feature. how disappointing. I feel bad for all architects out there.
just fix it. I don’t want go to all kinds of sales homepage just to install plugins.
who can recommend me another software I can use and install instead of this?

SketchUp is not drawing software. You probably need to use AutoCad.


extend:Extend edge


It has, you just need to know the program.


@chefen, or apply the ‘Move’ tool on vertices.

Might not be appropiate at this time

It is though!

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If you do end up using AutoCAD instead, it looks like subscribing yearly for $1690 would save you $830 a year, compared to subscribing monthly.

It would be worth spending $15 to see if Curic Extend would do what you need:

Also, look at s4u Multi Slice, to do some of what Trim can do:

There are alternate and easy ways to install plugins. SketchUp is not so good without them.

If you spend some time actually learning the Program , I feel you may change your mind.
I’m using Sketchup 5 years and Im still learning new thing I can do with it.

You probably need to use AutoCad.