Bringing back solids?


Hey, is there a way to bring back a solid that you used to subtract from another solid? Saved and closed the part.


If the original solids were components, you should be able to pull a new instance from the Component browser.



ok they were components. How would do that?


let me give the example i would like to do. I have a body that has a pocket from another solid. I want to go back and edit that solid that i used as a pocket. I would like to bring that solid back in before the subtract to edit the pocket.


When you create a component, you get (or you can suppress) the instance you just used to define the component sitting out in model space. You also get the pattern or definition of the component added to the In-Model collection (house icon) in the Components browser, represented by a thumbnail or list item. Even if you have deleted all instances of the compoinent from the model space, you still have an indefinite supply waiting in the browser until you explicitly purge unused definitions.

When you perform a Subtract operation on two components, the resultant solid is given a new name, i.e., “Difference.” The instances of the two original components you used to create Difference disappear, but their original definitions, under the original names, remain in the browser.

Find the thumbnail of the component you want in the browser and drag it onto the model space, and there it is. You can drag out 500 more if you wish, and blow them up with a light heart.



Thank you, is there a part history in sketchuup where you can go back to a certain action?