Bring to front group


I created a rectangle and after that I created 5 circles which are grouped together.See the image.

I painted the background of the rectangle with BLUE, it works fine. After that I painted the circles with pink but they dont get the color pink. When I clicked to HIDE the rectangle I could see the circles were indeed pink, which is what I want. But I want to “bring to front” this group (5 circles) so their color will be seen over the rectangle. I need this cause I am gonna print this later and I need the circles to be pink. Is there any tool “bring to front” to make the circles be OVER the rectangle?

Your post indicates 2D thinking. You’re working with a 3D space. Move the circles out in front of the rectangle.

Looks like faces are reversed - should look off-white - not blue back-face ?
If drawn at z=0 you need to select them and use the context-menu ‘reverse’…
Grouping/componentizing geometry separates it from coincident geometry, but you’ll still suffer ‘z-fighting’…
Though you could move then up slightly in the Z [blue] t avoid that.

So perhaps consider making the 5 circles into a component with gluing/cutting properties.
Then place a new instance of that onto the face and it’ll cut holes in that face and be visible.

“Bring to Front,” or more generally, “stacking order,” is strictly a 2D concept. In 2D, there is really is no “front” and “back,” or “top” and “bottom.” Everything is on the same plane. So to allow one object to occlude another, the idea of stacking order is introduced, whereby objects are arbitrarily assigned a “frontness” and “backness.”

In a 3D app like SU, things can be actually in front of or behind another (relative to the camera), so there is no need for a 2D convention like stacking order. If you want A in front of B, move it there.

At that, there’s no reason why you can’t draw the hole pattern you depict, however, do not place the geometry in groups or it will be isolated from the other geometry, which you don’t want. There’s nothing really appropriate for grouping at this point. You want the edges of the circles to cut into the background face so they are visible. For the circles that are hidden, assuming they are coplanar with the background face, try tracing over one segment of each with the Line tool.


thank you guys! Yeap, it’s 3D so I need to get used. So I have anotther question: I extruded the rectangle 3mm to become a box. Now I want to copy the group (5 circles) and paste it in one face of the box and extrude it inside so it creates roles. I already tried CTRL+C the group and PASTE IN PLACE in the face of the box but I still cant create roles… how to I do that?

You use Push/Pull to extrude a circle into a hole passing through an object.

You really need to use the training materials. Going at this stone cold isn’t going to work.


And with moving images…

thank you so much I did what you showed and it worked perfectly! Amazing your kindness, thank you so much!