Bring flat entity to top of the face of extruded entity

I’m have this flat text that reads “206”, however it seems to be conflicting with the face of an extruded entity, so the face of the flat entity is seems to be underneath of the face of the extruded entity, how do I bring my “206” on top of the face of the extruded entity? Please see the image. Thank you.

What you are seeing is called Z-fighting. It happens when two faces are in the same location and the graphics card can’t determine which one should be displayed in front of the other. The solution is to float the text component a bit above the faces. By default 3D text components are created with gluing properties enabled. You can go into the Components panel, select the 206 component and edit it to remove the gluing. Then you should be able to place an instance of the component in the model such that it floats above the rest of the model. As a component, unextruded 3D text is set to float slightly above the surface it is glued to, though.

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