Breaking up .DXF City Wide Data

I apologize if this is a dumb question.

I’m working with city wide planning data. I converted the shapefiles to .dxf files and then imported them into Sketchup. For one example: city wide building footprints. I can’t select individual or areas - rather when I click on one footprint - it selects everything.

Because of the size of the data - the Make Faces extension - always crashes when I apply it to the footprints.

Do you have any advice on how to “break up” the .dxf file into individual components? Do I have to explode all the .dxf files and go from there?


You can import the shapefiles directly into SketchUp using a plugin designed for that purpose. Each building footprint is placed in a separate group for easier manipulation. If you have height data available, the footprints will be automatically extruded along with elevation compensation (if available). The groups can be automatically named or optionally named using a field from the shapefile database.

Just out of curiosity, which city are you working with (if you don’t mind sharing)?

The plugin can be found here: